Hittin' The Road w/ Seratones

The primary goal of Hungry Outlaw since day one was the exploration of the relationship between Music+Food. This pretty sums up how AJ Haynes & I became friends, as we both discovered we are both serious foodies with similar taste in how we dine. In late August, 2019, Seratones released a new album "POWER", while embarking on a worldwide tour. I met up with them in Austin, Texas at Stubbs BBQ for their album release day party and hit the road with them for the week that followed. We made stops in El Paso, Tuscon/Phoenix, & LA before I made my way back to Texas. They took to the road traveling to the great Northwest in Portland & Seattle, before their tour turned sharply to the East, where they forged onto Minneapolis, Chicago, and ultimately NYC. Needless to say, they have had an insane schedule from the album release day with no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

One of the primary things I was doing was shooting video for my Hittin' The Road series, focusing heavily on how the band eats while on the road. The video highlights a day in the life of a touring band. Bands work on strict budgets, and look to save wherever possible while on the road. Yet, AJ will be the first to tell you that how they eat is important, even when they are trying to stretch a dollar. She wants them to eat real food, healthy foods, and not the usual and easy fast food or truck stop hot dogs. Since drummer Jesse Gabriel has a clear addiction to Chinese food, they typically

will seek to find local Chinese take out with a heavy dose of veggies. Its easy, but they get their greens and proteins, and not at McDonald's. However, AJ is also a believer in starting the day out right, and she is a Yelper. In fact, our Yelp habits are very much alike, as we both would find the same spots. Hence a badass old school, 70's ish diner in El Paso called New Clock Coffee Shop Diner. What we both saw was simple, delicious pics of tasty breakfast entrees, nearby location, 4 Stars on over 400+ reviews. Sounded like a no brainer. And the food was killer. She ordered a cup of Menudo alongside her fajita steak and eggs, while I enjoyed the Machacado with shredded beef cheeks and eggs. Jesse turned us all onto Horchata topped off with a cup of joe. We left with our bellies full, a 44oz horchata-coffee to go, and a 6 hour drive to Tuscon.

​Upon arriving in Tuscon, we had some downtime to chill at the BnB, where we enjoyed a Funkadelic Parliament Mothership Connection concert on YouTube, and a healthy authentic Chinese meal at Jyn Dynasty. In fact, we had an off day feast of some of the most amazing chinese style garlic slathered veggies, from Bok Choy, to Crimini Mushrooms, Green Beans, & Broccoli. The main goal of this meal was to be veggie dominant. And through Jesse's brilliant use of Google Maps, we found a gem in the heart of Tuscon, Arizona.

From Arizona, I had to split off to connect with my son Ren in Los Angeles, however we would all come back together for their anticipated LA performance at The Echo in Echo Park on Sunset. This was Ren's first time to meet AJ in person. For Ren, it was an opportunity to see how AJ works and gets herself ready to perform. Ren is an actor, writer, & musician that AJ has been helping by having occassional mentoring conversations about the creative process. The two have very similar minds, so I was ecstatic to see his joy in meeting her and watching her perform, while having some time to chat backstage. Hence this particular evening with him and the band was the reason this trip occurred in the first place.

I am so humbled by AJ's generosity to host us the way they did. She has welcomed Ren & I in as a part of the Seratones fam. Same goes for the rest of the guys in the band, as well as AJ's right hand tour guru Jameela. I am so excited for them to continue to tour and get this amazing new album heard by the masses as they travel and eat through the world for the remainder of 2019. Do yourself a favor, open the link below, order the vinyl, and find their tour dates to see when they are playing near y'all. Go see them!!! You can thank me when you see me

Their album "POWER" is available via Seratones website and through their label New West Records.

To get your copy, or find out future tour dates follow the links below.



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