Seratones & AJ Haynes Are Taking 2018 By Storm

Back in October in Austin, while at a music tribute event for a beloved artist that recently passed on, I see this girl walk up to the stage and begin singing a gospel hymn. This lady had one of the most pure and angelic voices that I had ever heard. I stood in complete shock, but yet, knew I needed to be filming every second of this song she was singing. Despite the sudden shock wave, I somehow knew that I needed to capture that moment. I approached her as she walked toward the bar and I quickly introduced myself and told her about my ​​blog, and that I would love to post that song on my Sunday morning gospel brunch posts. She introduced herself to me as AJ Haynes. Throughout the night, I had the opportunity to spend time chatting with AJ and quickly learned of the Seratones. From that night on, I have not stopped playing their music. Their debut album that came out in 2016 Get Gone is now a part of my daily vinyl collection. It's one of those albums that you start playing from track 1, and let it play out. Every song kicks ass. And since that time, I have gotten to know both AJ and the guys in the band, and what I have learned is that they are amazing people, that people all over the world need to hear. AJ is very much an activist that has recently been named one of Louisiana Life Magazine's Lousianians of the Year for 2017. An honor that she 100% deserves for all of the work and dedication she has to educating the community as a whole. The cool thing about her band mates, Jesse Gabriel, Connor Davis, & Adam Davis is that they also reflect the passion, kindness, and humility that I saw immediately in AJ. These guys all together are putting out some really amazing music that people need to hear. It's really that simple.

Seratones bring together elements of straight up rock & roll, with equal parts punk influence mixed with a strong gospel driven voice. AJ has an incredibly versatile voice that allows her the freedom to scream out rock & punk, but can take you an entirely different direction with one of the most sweet beautiful voices out there today. Seratones live performances are insanely electric as AJ is the ultimate frontman. Her moves on stage are captivating, her smile is contagious, and her eyes tell a story. And then there are the guys. Up on stage just jamming their asses off & loving it. They are putting on one of the best live performances you will ever see.

New Years Eve 2018, in front of the hometown, I mean seriously, it just doesn't get any better. Hence why I was blown away by the opportunity to capture their show on my GoPro. The embedded YouTube video is 12 minutes of pure energy & fun. the opportunity to spend an evening with the band while they hosted a hometown celebration in Shreveport, Louisiana with their family, friends, and fans. It was an epic night that for me

involved 14 hours of driving, 2 nights of killer live music, good food, and getting to know new friends. They're show went on for nearly 2 hours, and the crowd took in the New Year on top of the world. Being welcomed in by the band for not only this event, but to hang out and enjoy killer eats, great music, and just good real conversation, I am grateful to have crossed paths with AJ & her friends. There are big things in store for the Seratones, so jump on the train now. Do yourself a favor in 2018, and pick up the Seratones music and get to one of their shows.

Seratones music is available on iTunes & Amazon, via the legendary Fat Possum Records from Oxford, Mississippi. Check them out.

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