Gospel Brunch Sundays Ultimate Playlist

Many of you that follow me on Instagram know that on Sundays I post about my homecooked gospel brunches. Nothing beats waking up on a Sunday morning, getting the potatoes started, and cooking up a delicious breakfast fit for a king. Its also time to turn to a gospel playlist that is sure to get me charged up and ready for a great Sunday Funday. Well low and behold, I was blessed with a front row, center stage seat to see my personal gospel playlist perform. Seriously, no joke, the artists on the bill was a good 70% of my Sunday playlist.

The amazing lineup included an all star lineup of Americana Gospel artists, including the McCrary Sisters, Paul Thorn, Bonnie Bishop, Yola Carter, and Rev Sekou. Each one of these artists are truly inspirational, and have the powerhouse voices that will immediately have you putting your hands up to God and testifying. This was easily my most highly anticipated performance of my week at Americana Fest, and it did not disappoint. Rather it surpassed anything I could have imagined. The Americana Music Association & Thirty Tigers really know how to put together one of the most inspiring lineups you will ever experience. For me, my love for gospel music stems from a love for roots based music. Americana gospel blends all genres, from blues & soul, to country & rock. Its essentially how I worship on Sundays. My house of worship is my kitchen. It is my favorite morning of the week without a doubt.

First to take the stage was the beautiful McCrary Sisters. With a funky groove playing, they came out and immediately won the Sunday morning crowd over. They followed with one of the most chilling, and inspirational versions of Amazing Grace I ever heard. They performed that in honor and prayer for Texas & Florida as they heal from Hurricanes Harvey & Irma. As a Harvey survivor, it literally pulled 3 solid weeks of repressed emotions in me from the storm to its aftermath, they all came out as soon as they hit the first note. And you know what, it felt so damn good to just let it all out. I was so thankful to be so incredibly moved by that rendition. It was seriously the most powerful live music experiences I ever had. I can honestly say that in my 44 years on earth, that was a once in a lifetime experience that I will carry to the day I die.

While being so personally moved and uplifted, I was also introduced that day to the angelic voice of Yola Carter. All I can say is "Wow!!", this girl can truly belt it out like there is no tomorrow. Soulful, passionate, & heartfelt. I always like hearing incredible artists for the first time. Its like discovering something new that you instantly know you are going to enjoy for many years to come. I can't wait for her to play in Texas, so hopefully that happens soon.

Yola was followed by the man that personally got me through Hurricane Harvey's wrath in the midst of the storms most intense hours. The really cool part of that is that I was able to share my story with him so that he knew he was with me during the storm and was what was encouraging me to stay focused amidst a 36 hour period of tornadoes, 51 inches of falling rain, and a street that at one point took on enough water that I would need a kayak to get down the street. Fortunately for me, I was lucky, and the water receded. The Rev put on one of the most electrifying sets I witnessed all week. One that I needed to see firsthand.

The night was closed with performances by Bonnie Bishop and Paul Thorn, who also moved the crowd to new heights. Paul led a finale by inviting all of the performers out to sing the O'Jay's classic "Love Train". Only they slowed it down and let the message of the song resonate with the audience. Truly a magical morning that I was able to capture on my GoPro. Check out the video I uploaded on YouTube. I am in awe of each of these artists.

God bless, and enjoy this while you make breakfast!!!

Artist Lineup includes:

The McCrary Sisters


Yola Carter


Rev Sekou


Bonnie Bishop


Paul Thorn


Angaleena Pressley


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