Shark Week: Texas Gulf Coast Style

I recently took a day trip with my good friend, Dustin Zagorski, to Surfside Beach to do some shark fishing off the beach. Yes, I said right from the beach. These guys are pulling in some serious sharks by setting baits off shore. While the fishing was awesome, it wouldn't be a Hungry Outlaw video if it did not feature killer eats. Once all of the lines were set, we did some beachside grilling, cooking up bacon wrapped jalapenos, jalapeno sausage wraps, fajitas, & chicken legs.

We arrived at Surfside Beach at around 8:30am, just ahead of a storm front

that was about to blow in. Knowing it was going to clear up and become a hot midsummer day, we set up a brand spanking new EZ Up tent. Unfortunately, the storm had other ideas, and sent our canopy flying and breaking on impact. The end result was that we had a day of dealing with the insane heat in the straight up Texas sun.

In an effort to get ahead of the storm, we started setting baits by waverunner, and getting them out to anywhere from 350 to 1,000 yards from shore. My job was simple, walk the baited hooks to the waverunner so that Dustin could run them out to the drop points. My only concern was that I was carrying shark food in shark infested waters. Not going to lie, I was a little nervous. But at the same time, it got me in the water and out of the heat.

Once the baits were set, it is literally just a waiting game. 5-6 hours went by, no bites. After that, another 4-5 hours went by, still no bites. While frustration seemed to start setting in on the fishing, we used that time to grill some awesome beachside eats, drink plenty of beer, and just enjoy the beautiful nature on the Texas Gulf Coast.

After a late dinner at around 9pm, and the sun coming down, we finally got our chance, as we started seeing one of the lines moving back and forth. This was it, my first shark catch experience. I was fired up for sure. We began the process of bringing in our shark with a solid team effort, as everyone in the crew had a role in the catch. After about 45 minutes of reeling and fighting, we pulled in a 5 foot Black Tip Shark. Honestly, it was a thing of beauty. By the time we caught our

shark, tore down the gear, and had a late snack, we left the beach and headed back to Houston at around 2am. It was a long hot ass day, and the heat kicked my ass. But hey, we had fun, we ate like kings, and we got our shark!!!

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