SXSW: Killer tacos with Patrick Sweany

Nearly 25 years ago, while at Kent State, I met this kid that always carried his guitar in class. In fact, for the first 4 years I knew Pat, I never saw him without a guitar in his hand. He carried that guitar everywhere he went. After introducing myself, he told me about an old weekly gig he did at the Kent Inn, performing mostly old school delta blues. From that day on, all throughout my years at Kent, that gig became our weekly hang out out on a school night. We just couldn't get enough of this old school sounds, which was typically, him, a bass player, and a guy playing a clarinet.

Fast forward to today, Patrick Sweany is going strong, and is now a recognized badass all over the world. He has spent 10+ years with Nine Mile Records out of Austin, and resides in East Nashville, living among some of this countries most talented musicians. During his high school & college years, Patrick was playing in bands with people like Dan Auerbach from the Black Keys. All while being heavily influenced by old Mississippi delta blues and jazz artists.

This past SXSW, I was able to connect with Patrick for a quick lunch at one of Austins greatest taco spots, the original Torchys Tacos on 1st Street. Make sure you check out Patrick Sweany if you have not heard him yet. If you like old school crunchy blues, with a rockin' edge, he has several incredible albums. Even better, catch him live when he plays in your neck of the woods.

I was able to record our afternoon enjoying some of the finest tacos and ice cold Topo Chico's in Texas. I was also lucky enough to have captured a killer performance at the Belmont during a SXSW private party. I was able to get inside the brain of singer songwriter god playin' God Patrick Sweany, check out the 2 videos I shot. SHARE AWAY MY FRIENDS! Lets help get Patrick's music heard by the masses.

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