Margo Price taking Outlaw Country & her Country Funk by storm

If you have not yet heard of Margo Price just yet, then you will now. She is Outlaw Country's break out darling of 2016 (even though she has been grinding in the music scene for over 13 years). Her 2016 album "Midwest Farmers Daughter" is one of the finest albums to come out in quite some time. Her music is timeless, and yet incredibly vulnerable. She is a great storyteller sharing her life experiences, the good, the bad, & the ugly. From losing her first born child, to a weekend in the county jail, and the dirty nature of the music industry in Nashville, Margo takes you on a personal journey that will not only captivate you with her angelic voice (Often compared to the great Emmylou Harris), but will keep you wanting more. In the past year, since being invited to Willie Nelson's Luck Reunion during SXSW, she put out an amazing album, and hit all of the national spotlights, from Saturday Night Live to Jimmy Kimmel, and everything in between.

She most recently spent some quality time in the Texas Hill Country, playing ACL Fest & the legendary Gruene Hall in New Braunfels. Now, I have seen hundreds and hundreds of live shows in my day, but something about Margo Price gracing the stage of at oldest dancehall in Texas was a truly once in a lifetime experience. To top it off, she is about as sweet & sincere as you can get. She made me feel like I was the most important person in the room during our brief interaction. From the moment she walked onto the stage, the old beat up building became electrified with excitement, where the building shook and bounced all around. She wasted no time, and came out with her badass anthem "About To Find Out". She took the crowd through her entire album, along with several songs from her previous albums, and some incredible covers like Waylon Jennings "Live Long Like This". She stole the crowds heart with her life story "Hands of Time", where she is telling her story about how her husband sold the family car to pay for her latest album. Broke, but happy, they simply needed

money to produce the record, and they did whatever they had to do. Once it was finished, she was heard by Jack Whites label, Third Man Records, and the rest is history. She gained early notoriety in 2016 with her hit song "Hurtin' On The Bottle", although its the true story of her DUI and weekend in the Davidson County Jail, the song "Weekender" reinforces just how broke they were. Her husband, musician, and co-songwriter, Jeremy Ivey couldn't even post her bail, which meant she had to ride out her weekend behind bars with some interesting people serving the weekend with her. Her set was truly one of the most amazing performances I was ever graced to see in person. Just watch the video in the article, where I was able to capture her opening song "About To Find Out".

At the end of the day, her album is so good, that I have a need to listen to it everyday. Her impact on the people that follow her, and surround her is off the charts. How it took her 13 years to break out is really incredible. Whats more incredible is her perseverance and fortitude to roll with the punches life has thrown her. All of her experiences in life is reflected in her music, and will stand the test of time. Do yourself a huge favor, and pick up "Midwest Farmers Daughter" (preferably on vinyl), check your local listings for when she is coming to town, and just simply enjoy some of the best country funk that 2016 has given us.

For more from Margo Price, you can follow her on Instagram, Twitter, & Facebook @Missmargoprice

To find out when she is coming to your neck of the woods, check out her website

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