Breakfast Tacos: It's A Texas Thing

Who doesn't love a good breakfast? At the same time, who doesn't love a good taco? Breakfast tacos combine the best of both worlds, and nowhere can you find better breakfast tacos than just about anywhere in the great state of Texas. Since the earliest days of Texas, taco's have become a traditional staple for starting your day off right. 2 or 3 delicous tacos will easily hold you over until lunchtime. They have become so popular that even most BBQ joints in Texas will open early, just so they can sell breakfast tacos. Its a way for the BBQ to use up their meats left over from the previous day, by simply chopping up the left over brisket, and putting it in a taco with egg & cheese. The best part of the breakfast taco is the price. Most places still sell breakfast tacos anywhere from $1.75 to $2.50 per taco. Hence, its not only delicous, but highly affordable on just about any budget. Its also an easy way for Texans to feed large groups of guests staying with them. For me, anytime I have visitors from out of town stay at the house, I almost always pick up enough tacos for everyone to enjoy.

As with everything else, I have my favorites. I prefer my tacos on freshly handmade flour tortilla's. I like to add a layer of refried beans, then mix in eggs, cheese, pretty much any smoked meat, and some fresh salsa & pico. I also have my go to joints that I know I can get a killer taco.

Los Roberto's Taco Shop - Locations in Katy & San Antonio

This is my favorite local spot in Katy to pick up the handheld breakfast treat. They also freshly make the best tortillas in town. Proof that a great tortilla makes a great taco. What seperates them from the pack is their daily taco specials. $3 for 3 breakfast tacos Monday through Friday, with each day featuring a different ingredient. My favorite day is Thursdays for the chilaquiles tacos (as seen in the photo). No meat, just egg, cheese, tortilla strips, done ala Mexicana style (jalapenos, onion, tomato, & cilantro). They even give you free coffee on the weekdays.

Rudy's BBQ - Locations all over Texas

Rudy's is responsible for my love for breakfast tacos from a BBQ joint. For $1.90, you can get a taco with 3 ingredients. The superstar for me is the spicy chopped beef, egg, and potato. I top it with their original BBQ sauce and their green tomatillo salsa with chopped pickled jalapeno's. They fill the flour tortilla to capacity to make a rather large and insanely awesome taco. 2 tacos is pretty much the max for most people, as they do not hold back.

Torchy's Tacos - Locations in Austin, Houston, & Dallas

Since I visited Austin for the first time, prior to Torchy's expansion out of the ATX, I have been hooked on their unique tacos. My two favorites are the Migas tacos with fresh avacado & the Monk taco with bacon, egg, cheese, & green chiles. On any of their tacos, I top them with their green salsa & the Torchy's Diablo Sauce. The Diablo Sauce is a tangy orange hot sauce, that has good heat, but does not burn your mouth to where you can't enjoy it. In my opinion, its the perfect taco sauce. For those of you unfamiliar with Migas, that is another Texas tradition, that is similar to chilaquiles, since the eggs are scrambled with tortilla chips. Torchy's has a killer Migas, but don't hold back on some of their other killer choices. At Torchy's it is OK for you to order a Pork & Green Chile taco with your breakfast taco. After all, pork makes a lot of people happy.

Maria's Taco Express - Austin

Rolando's Super Tacos - San Antonio

A taco loving friend of mine, Steve Jungman turned me on to this San Antonio dive. You pull up to what appears to be a small house or shack, and the first thing you see when you walk in is autographed photos of two award winning movie directors, Quentin Tarantino & Robert Rodriguez. This is one of their favorite go to joints whenever they are filming in the Texas Hill Country area. They may have the best tortilla I have ever tasted. They also have some of the biggest damn taco's I have ever seen. One super taco is often more then one person can eat. Its a very cool dive joint that is always packed with people because of how insanely great they make taco's.

Guero's Taco Bar - Austin

As is with Rolando's, Quentin Tarantino has a great go to spot in the SoCo neighborhood of Austin. In fact, he loves Guero's so much, he had it featured in multiple scenes in his Outlaw loving film, Death Proof. I always ask to be sat at the tortilla counter. You can literally sit directly across from the tortilla grill where an older grandmotherly looking Hispanic lady is banging out fresh tortillas for the guests to enjoy all day long. She has tortilla making down to a science. I have found that if you butter her up a little bit, she will gladly flip fresh tortillas straight from the grill to your plate. You just have to ask. I could sit and just eat the tortillas and leave satisfied. In the afternoons and evenings, you can sit outside and listen to some of Austin's best local Hill Country artists at their rustic outdoor bar and stage. Maybe you will get lucky and catch an impromptu Gary Clark Jr performance.

Magnolia Cafe - Austin

Austin is one Texas city that seems to never sleep. Magnolia Cafe is a 24 our mainstay for Austinites. No matter what time of day you go, expect a wait. Even if you go at 2am, you'll still need to wait for a table. Its may just be my favorite spot in the country to get a late night bite. My favorite is their Love Migas plate. They serve a traditional Migas dish, but add fresh black beans with their incredible gooey queso. Served with fresh hot tortillas so you can make your own tacos as you chow through the large mound of Migas on your over sized platter. The Love Migas plate can probably get you 4 tacos, so it's the perfect late night dish to split with someone else.

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