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For years, people have been asking me where to go to find great local restaurants. It really started during my college years at Kent State University, where I remember my phone ringing on multiple Friday & Saturday nights after midnight, only to have the person calling asking "Whats good that's open at 2am?". Naturally, I always had an answer that was precisely spot on as to where they could get an awesome bite to eat in the middle of the night.


Fast forward to 2015, my phone still rings with these same questions. The only difference today is that I also get emails and text messages at all hours of the day with people wanting to know where to go when they travel through town. As always, I still always have an answer that pretty much always has them leaving full & satisfied. I get requests from all over the country from friends asking about the best kept secrets that they will brag about to everyone they know. As I have grown older, I have my must hit spots all over this country, and my goal is to help people everywhere find those great hidden treasures. Cities like Austin, New Orleans, & the entire Gulf Coast from Alabama down to the southern tip of Texas. If you are ever in need of a strong recommendation, I am your guy, plain & simple. 


My passion for food has always gone hand in hand with my love for music. I spent the 90's working primarily in the music industry, with jobs ranging from radio promotions to stage security at large venue concerts & music festivals. I have had the desire my entire life to be around the music that I love. I find that cities that have a strong influence in art & music, almost always has a great reputation as a foodie town. It makes all the sense in the world, because art is all around us. I am lucky to be friends with some amazingly talented & award winning chefs, musicians, & local artists that have influenced the way I look at life one bite at a time. Much like with food recommendations, I have always shared my love for music with people asking me similar requests of where should they go to catch a great show. Once I came to Texas, my passion to find the music has massively intensified. Being just 2 hours outside of Austin, the live music capitol of the world, I am blessed to attend some of the greatest music & art festivals in this great country. Hungry Outlaw will give you the insight to what events & festivals are happening, while letting you know about the killer food scene the festival promoters have brought in to please their fans. Today we have food truck parks just about everywhere and becoming a part of just about anything involving a large gathering of people. I have been doing this my entire life, and am eager to pass on my love and passion to help satisfy your full belly. 


Follow Hungry Outlaw and let us be your guide for where to go to find the greatest bites, and where to catch the best live music. We will be providing & sharing both posted articles & videos about food & music, and how they often inner-twine.


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